IT Services

Delivering flawless user experience is a critical challenge that enterprise organizations face in the digital age. With users progressively becoming IT savvy, IT supports are finding it strenuous to keep up with advancements in technology while managing people and processes. In lieu of this, enterprises are now turning to organizations that can manage their IT Operations, while they focus on their core competencies. A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT Infrastructure and/or end user systems typically or a proactive basis and defined SLA terms. 

Tecscon offers wide range of IT Managed services that provides comprehensive managed services for enterprise application environments to comprehensive IT services. Our services can help deal with day-to-day operations of one or more of your technology domains. Our managed services portfolio includes several specific technology domains – including Enterprise applications, networks, data centres, security, visual communications, unified communications, collaboration and contact centres.

Clients benefit from higher quality services, improved efficiency and overall better performance because our application, database and infrastructure teams are based locally and off-shore. To name few, our expertise includes Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Cisco, Checkpoint, IBM, HP, Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint. etc .

The Benefits of Managed Services:

  1. 24/7 monitoring of Systems and reporting

  2. Robust IT Service Management Process defined, documented, practiced and regularly reviewed by the IT Management Service Team

  3. A whole set of Service Levels mapped to your business environment and adhered by the IT Managed Service Team

  4. Periodic and Online Reports to get you the pulse of your IT Service posture

  5. Reduced IT Manpower overheads

  6. Improved IT user’s productivity & Satisfaction

  7. On-site & Off-shore support for issue resolution based on agreed SLA terms

  8. 99.9% Availability of Application, Databases, Servers & Networks

  9. Faster resolution to IT related incidents

  10. Assessment of system performance & monitoring

  11. Version Upgrades, Patch Updates without affecting Business operations

This model can be adopted to any function of IT, let it be IT Helpdesk, IT Support, Data-center Administration, Information Security, Network & Telecom Administration, Applications Administration. This model can be On-site, a combination of On-site + Off-site or Off-Site.

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