Cloud empowers enterprises to improve their IT responsiveness, resource utilization and provides the much-needed scalability and agility for new business creation. Unlike traditional solid systems, Cloud-based infrastructure leverages economic flexibility, and eliminates complexity which is a roadblock to business value realization. Cloud application migration and modernization has become an imperative, to support dynamic business demands, and large-scale, multi-geography projects.

Cloud computing will be one of top strategic technology trends for the coming years. Enterprises looking to become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape are turning to the cloud. With enterprises moving towards delivering ‘IT as a service,’ cloud has become essential in realizing business value. If you are small, mid-size or large enterprise building out your IT Services, Tecscon's cloud technology solutions will bring a new degree of velocity, efficiency and flexibility to customer’s IT capabilities. We work with you to build, execute and manage your services using cloud optimized delivery methodology.

If your business has yet to make the transition to cloud software and data storage, following are the top five reasons you might want to consider making the leap:

  1. Data Accessibility

  2. Security

  3. Cost Saving

  4. Data Recovery

  5. Scalability

Tecscon’s cloud solutions offers

  1. Cloud Infrastructure: Setting up a totally new infrastructure for workloads on the cloud

  2. Cloud Migration: Moving/Migrating existing infrastructure to cloud.

  3. Cloud Application & Services:  Provides package solutions like O365 through Cloud

We partner with all the cloud providers 

  • Micrsoft Azure

  • GCP

  • AWS

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